Clara Stjärna, born and raised in Malmö-Sweden, by a single left-wing rebel-mother. Born into a Life consisting of art, politics, music and many different cultures/people from all over the world. Clara started to collect vinyls at the age of 5, at that time focusing on Motown, Michael Jackson, moved on to Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop but also some Beatles/Rollings stones and real heavy metal and the same time enjoying her mothers collection of Bob Dylan. Jimi Hendrix, Punk and Classical Music. When Clara was 13 years old she swapped her mothers favourite trousers (flaired suede) to her best friends’ brothers’ full Bob Marley vinyl collection. Her Love for Reggaemusic was a fact and 14 years old she experienced her first live-show; The Wailers. 17 years old, in the early 90s, she left Sweden for UK: Isle of Wight, where she went to her first Rave … and from that day on the rave-scene along with reggae has played a huge part of her life.

In 2000, after several years of travelling around the world, she was in a surf-accident on Maui, Hawaii which forced her to, in a wheel-chair, come back to Malmö. With a determined mind and a great physio-therapeut she managed to get back to walking and dancing again. Dancing has been one of her income-sources. Through her studies at Malmö University she got the opportunity to do part of her education, civil-engineer, at Cape Technikon Peninsula University. She first touched the African soil as she landed in Cape Town, January 2003. Already the first week in the country she bumped into the South African reggae/dancehall-artist Teba Shumba who became a very close friend and introduced her to Cape Towns underground reggae/hiphop-scene. She moved from Woodstock to the Cape Town-township Gugulethu, which since then has been her second home, and started to collaborate with Chronic Clan, Spliff Records. She had brought a beer crate full of house & techno vinyls with her to South Africa, to pursue her DJ-dream. Which she did. As she was introduced to Rastafari and the unique South African reggae/dancehall-scene, which she fell heavenly in love with, she soon started to collect 7-inches and got into the soundsystem-culture.

Timbuktu, Looptroop Rockers happened to be on tour in the country the same year. Tour-manager Johanna Beckman was collaborating with Claras neighbour Dominique Soma and Clara got the opportunity to invite the Swedish producer Måns Asplund aka Breakmecanix to Spliff Records studio. Måns was blown away byt the God-given talent of the South African reggae/dancehall-artist Zoro and invited him to come to Sweden to record an album for Juju-Records. Clara and Zoro moved to Sweden, where they soon became regular artist on the line up of the Malmö and Copenhagen club scene. The crowd loved their vibrant and crazy live-sets - Clara being the DJ and Zoro performing his own tracks as well as blazing up the fire as an MC. In 2004 Clara started to arrange clubs such as Dub Club Malmö. Sista Pressure and in 2006 launched the club-concept XY-Xpress Yourself! – an open stage focusing on so called un-known artists. This was before Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and nearly not even Youtube existed so it was very difficult to get gigs/booked if one didnt belong to major labels. Clara worked in Jimi Diskos record-store Subwax in Malmö, responsible for the reggae/dancehall/hiphop and drumnbass section, which gave her a great insight to all the released music, she bought in music with the mantra: ”one for me – one for the shop” – building up her own sound collection. Also starting to play a lot of jungle and drumnbass. She also managed her company ”Zion Distribution” selling clothes, jewellery, arts & crafts from South Africa at festivals in Scandinavia.

2008 she met Stina Velocette at a club where they both performed. They became friends and in 2009 they co-founded ILLEGYAL RECORDS - IGR, a record label focusing on releasing female artists and producers. IGR collaborates with Mr Gillis and Swingkids on all releases with artists like; Serengeti, Frida Scar. In 2010 IGR was awared a scholarship, by the SI -Svenska Institutet, to do a tour in South Africa, conducted December 2010. "Music is a solution not a competition. Music is a tool for change”. Cultural exchange between IGR and South Africa-based Reggae Africa. Used culture as a tool for empowerment primarily working with women and youth already active in culture in the townships of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth/Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan, Johannesburg. Clara was Tour manager of the tour. Among many great memories one of the high-lights was being asked by Public Enemy for IGR_artists Serengeti to be support-act at Public Enemy shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In 2011 after completing her exam in Bachelor of Science in Building Engineering, Clara decided to ease up on her DJ/Club promoting-career and instead focus on developing her voice. She joined Klubbkören, managed by Johanna Olofsson and conducted by Mr Erik Hjärpe who besides Klubbkören works with Timbuktu through his band Damn. Clara loves being on stage, loves to xpress hereself using music and her voice as a tool. She started to do beat poetry and in that process she also started an art-project which she calls Cecilia Bruun Hansen Klicka Här